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Four-Section Brain Model with Clear Head

pcs/3.1 cubic ft ctn. GW: 26 lbs. 55 cm (L) x 49 cm (W) x 33 cm (H) GW: 13.6 kg

As the perfect tool to help brain surgeons explain surgical procedures to their cancer patients, this precise brain model is an indispensable
educational accessory.

• The removable brain divides into four pieces, allowing the patients to gain a better understanding of the areas in their brain where
tumors might be present.

• Once specified, the surgeon will be able to explain to the patient and their family how tumors in specific areas of the brain may affect motor skills, speech, sight and other functioning.

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Breast Cancer Model with Overlays

24 pcs/1.8 cubic ft ctn. GW: 22 lbs. 42.5 cm (L) x 31.4 cm (W) x 39 cm (H) GW: 10 kg

This model, showing the cross-section of a breast, comes complete with six color-coded overlays that detail different aspects of breast cancer, including fibrocystic, benign lesions, in situ lesions, early
invasion and lymphatics.

• Each overlay is constructed in clear plastic and can be positioned over the model’s cross-sectional area to assist in explaining various conditions to the patient.

• A helpful guide to tumor size is embossed on the model’s base for easy reference.

• A valuable educational tool, this comprehensive guide to breast cancer allows physicians to educate female patients and their families.

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Breast Exam Model

16 pcs / 1.7 cubic ft ctn GW: 30 lbs. 41.6 cm (L) x 31.1 cm (W) x 35.6 cm (H) GW: 13.6 kg

This unique piece was originally designed to help oncologists teach women who have already undergone a mastectomy on one breast to
perform proper self-examination techniques on their remaining breast– stressing early prevention.

• Female patients will feel comfortable practicing on this model, featuring a lifelike design that simulates real skin texture and the feel of lumps beneath the surface.

• This fully removable model features space-saving information printed on the base beneath the breast, including important reference materials outlining the location and size of lumps that may be found.

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Erlotinib Mechanism of Action Model

10 pcs/2.49 cubic ft ctn. GW: 23 lbs. 44 cm (L) x 40 cm (W) x 40 cm (H) GW: 10.56 kg

Utilizing the combination of animation and related informational literature, this two-section model demonstrates, in simple terms, how cancer cells grow and spread throughout the body followed by the drug’s mechanism of action as treatment is administered.

• The top portion features an easy to follow animation demonstrating how Erlotinib intercepts receptor activity in cancerous cells, thus limiting cancer growth. Studies have proven that a patient’s ability to visualize treatment improves prognosis.

• The bottom portion illustrates the organs of the chest and abdomen with related information featured on a series of pullout cards. These cards provide anatomical information, MOA details and dosing guidelines. When the anatomy reference card is withdrawn, the pancreas and fully molded lungs are illuminated for easy reference.

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Colon Model

12 pcs/1.6 cubic ft ctn. GW: 21 lbs. 54 cm (L) x 20 cm (W) x 42 cm (H) GW: 9.23 kg

This model shows a magnified, partial cross-sectional view of an anatomically healthy colon and features a backer card with detailed illustrations of gastrointestinal anatomy.

• Incorporated into the base are five, removable pullout cards – four translucent and one opaque.

• The opaque card can be placed behind the model to show the model’s orientation to the colon as a whole.

• The translucent cards can be used as overlays in conjunction with the healthy colon illustration, each detailing a different stage of colon cancer – stage 0 through stage IV.

• A helpful tool for the physician, this model facilitates explanation of a patient’s colon cancer diagnosis in an easy to understand visual manner.

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Ear Model

10 pcs/1.7 cubic ft ctn. GW: 13 kgs

Designed to help patients understand the common condition of Otitis Media, or middle ear infection, this three-dimensional ear model is an indispensable educational tool.

• This model prominently and accurately displays the Eustachian Tube in its preadolescent horizontal orientation, a feature that makes it more susceptible to bacteria and infection.

• Detailed and informative, it’s the ideal tool to help parents understand why their child suffers frequent ear infections.

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Esophagitis Model

12 pcs/1.52 cubic ft ctn. GW: 15 lbs. 64 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 32 cm (H) GW: 6.37 kg

This model features a set of five removable gastro-esophageal junctions that illustrate the progression of erosive esophagitis.

• The five gastro-esophageal pieces are removable, allowing patients to closer inspect and more easily understand their condition.

• The removable pieces are accompanied by a vividly illustrated backer card that depicts a stomach cross-section with focus on relevant anatomical structures, as well as, gastric and duodenal ulcers.

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Erosive Esophagitis Model

8 pcs/2.0 cubic ft ctn. GW: 14 lbs. 48 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 44 cm (H) GW: 6.45 kg

Using the LA Grading System for erosive esophogitis, this model illustrates five stages of deterioration that may occur if the disorder is left untreated.

• Features include a removable back placard that shows, through a series of full-color clinical endoscopic images, the progression of this disorder.

• When combined with the detailed three-dimensional model, this piece provides patients with a clear and simple understanding of erosive esophagitis.

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Eye Model

8 pcs/2.81 cubic ft ctn. GW: 21 lbs. 49 cm (L) x 34 cm (W) x 48 cm (H) GW: 9.47 kg

This cross-sectional representation of the eye socket features full- dimensional modeling of the muscles and bones surrounding the eye, as well as, an interior vitreous humor with pliable construction.

• Four vividly illustrated transparent overlays slide into the eye socket to diagram the ways in which glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eye affect the inner workings of the eye.

• When a transparency is inserted, the illustrations and text in an accompanying box change to dynamically simulate how each condition affects vision.

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Heart Model

20 pcs/1.50 cubic ft ctn GW: 18 lbs 56 cm (L) x 16 cm (W) x 47 cm (H) GW: 8.1 kg

This model, resting on a wedge base, depicts the anatomy of a normal heart and features a removable front panel.

• The front portion opens to reveal the heart’s four chambers and valves.

• Fine details, such as the main coronary arteries and veins, are hand-painted on the outer surface of the heart.

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Hypertension Model

20 pcs/1.9 cubic ft ctn. GW: 27 lbs. 73 cm (L) x 22 cm (W) x 34 cm (H) GW:12.27 kg

This informative model includes visual and written examples detailing the effects of hypertension on the arteries, including 3-D depictions of normal and hypertensive arteries.

•The model’s durable pieces, meticulously constructed of a pliable plastic material, are removable for closer examination and easier reference to specific arterial sections.

•Four, tabbed pullout cards contain a wealth of useful, easy to follow information on the following topics: -Conditions associated with hypertension -The anatomy of hypertension -The structural remodeling of the large arteries -Arterial wall compliance

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Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Model

6 pcs/3.5 cubic ft ctn. GW: 17 lbs. 54 cm (L) x 31 cm (W) x 60 cm (H) GW: 7.7 kg

This model depicts a series of three arteries that supply the lungs with blood, each demonstrating a different stage in the progression of pulmonary
arterial hypertension. Each piece features a gradually worsening buildup of plaque in the artery wall and the resulting restriction of space through
which blood may flow.

• The base features a back panel with a printed illustration of the heart and lungs that will help patients understand where the arteries
are located within the body.

• Also featured on the back panel is an illustrated diagram and explanation of pulmonary and systemic circulation.

• The physician can use additional space on the back of the base to store a large removable tear-off pad.

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Four-Piece Hypertension Model

10 pcs/1.0 cubic ft ctn. GW: 13 lbs. 32 cm (L) x 22.8 cm (W) x 40.6 cm (H) GW: 5.9 kg

The effects of hypertension are often far reaching, taking their toll on much of the body’s vital anatomy. This model features four removable organs, displayed in diseased states caused by prolonged hypertension.

• The brain displays signs of stroke. •The heart shows damage due to myocardial infarction.

• The kidney’s surface is damaged, ravaged with bumps caused by hypertension.

• The artery shows plaque build-up and a thickened muscle layer.

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IUD Demonstration Model

20 pcs/1.59 cubic ft ctn. GW: 15 lbs. 48 cm (L) x 39 cm (W) x 24 cm (H) GW: 7.27 kg

Physicians can use this model as a tool to demonstrate the process of IUD insertion, better preparing their patients for the procedure.

• Female patients will become more comfortable choosing an IUD as a form of birth control when they are able to see a firsthand demonstration of the simple insertion process.

• A pullout card, incorporated into the base, details the modes of action by which the drug works.

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IUD Practice Model

60 pcs/1.14 cubic ft ctn. GW: 18 lbs. 50 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 24 cm (H) GW: 8.18 kg

This fully functional model was designed as a practice piece to familiarize doctors and clinicians with the IUD insertion process.

• This piece enables doctors and clinicians to practice the insertion of the IUD prior to performing the procedure on an actual patient.

• By emulating the size and shape of an actual uterus, doctors and clinicians are able to experience a realistic simu- lation of the insertion procedure.

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