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Prostate Model

40 pcs/2.0 cubic ft ctn/GW: 32 lbs. 47 cm (L) x 29 cm (W) x 39 cm (H) GW: 14.6 kg

This model depicts the cross-section of a healthy bladder and prostate.

• With an unrivaled attention to detail, this model gives a clear and concise view of the ureter, vas deferens and seminal vesicles.

• The model can be removed from its base for easy handling and further examination.

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Four-Sided Prostate Model

The cube-shaped Prostate Model is designed to help physicians educate their male patients about prostate health – including Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer.

• The Prostate model features four fully-decorated prostates including: Normal Anatomy, Mild BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) , Severe BPH, and Prostate Cancer.

• The model swivels on its base allowing doctors to turn the model to the desired disease state.

• Compact cube design fits on shelf or desk.

• The base of the model can be imprinted with the brand logo on all four sides.

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Four-Stage Prostate Cancer Model

20 pcs/1.8 cubic ft ctn. GW: 28 lbs 53.6 cm (L) x 27.3 cm (W) x 34.6 cm (H) GW: 13 kg

An indispensable tool for urologists, this model helps male patients understand the importance of continued treatment even after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer.

• This model offers a dramatic presentation of the anatomical effects of prostate cancer at four different stages – T1, T2, T3 and T4.

• Opening up new avenues for discussion between physicians and patients, this model is a powerful educational vehicle.

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Four-Stage Prostate Cancer Model with Male Pelvic Anatomy

10 pcs/ 2 cubic ft ctn. GW: 27 lbs. 43.8 cm (L) x 29.5 cm (W) x 43.5 cm (H) GW: 12.4 kg

Most men are familiar with prostate cancer and its threats, but have little idea of where the prostate is in the body. This interactive prostate model provides a useful tool for physicians to consult with their patients on the topic of prostate cancer, identifying to them the precise location of the prostate and its relation to the male reproductive system.

•The four prostates on the base, each detailing a different stage of prostate cancer, are interchangeable with the removable healthy prostate located in the standing pelvic region.

•The ability to remove and replace pieces from the model gives the physician the option to customize the model on a case-to-case basis, encouraging a more informed dialogue with the patient.

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Metastatic Prostate Cancer Model

12 pcs/3.0 cubic ft ctn. GW: 29 lbs. 64 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 50 cm (H) GW: 12.94 kg

Designed as a non-threatening vehicle for educating the patient on how prostate cancer spreads through the body to the lymph nodes and other tissue, such as bone tissue, this highly detailed and fully interactive model features the prostate within the broader context of the male pelvic anatomy.

• Individual three-dimensional presentations of cancerous lymph nodes and pelvic bone are included on the base and can be exchanged with the healthy versions displayed within the pelvic region.

• This piece was also designed to stress the importance of compliance with drug therapy.

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Sinus Model with Clear Head

12 pcs/1.8 cubic ft ctn. GW: 28 lbs. 49.5 cm (L) x 34.3 cm (W) x 29.8 cm (H) GW: 12.7 kg

With a transparent head elevated above table level on an attractive metal base, this sinus model makes it easy to demonstrate the use of nasal sprays.

• The location and appearance of each sinus is clearly marked and easy to identify using simple colored shapes.

• This model can be used to explain how sinuses connect with one another and how allergies and sinusitis are treated.

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Sinus Model with Pull-Out Cards

12 pcs/3.2 cubic ft ctn. GW: 28 lbs 48 cm (L) x 41 cm (W) x 45 cm (H) GW: 12.09 kg

Easily visible behind a transparent acrylic head, the brightly colored anatomical features aid physicians in describing the sinuses and related conditions to their patients.

• Tabbed pull-out cards swing out from the base and feature valuable illustrations and information regarding normal sinuses, allergies and related conditions.

• Also housed in the base are two branded and illustrated note pads that allow physicians to leave the patient with customized information.

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Skin Model

12 pcs/1.19 cubic ft ctn. GW: 28 lbs. 44 cm (L) x 37 cm (W) x 32 cm (H)

Dermatologists and patients alike will value this highly detailed model of the skin for its ability to facilitate the explanation and understanding of various skin conditions.

• The model depicts normal skin, as well as skin, afflicted with psoriasis and eczema. Each 3-D skin part can be removed from the base, allowing the physician to better explain the various conditions to their patients.

• The underside of each skin part is engraved with the condition name. In the case of the eczema part, each of the four sides is painted differently to show varying disease states – sub-acute, acute and chronic eczema.

• The base features a built-in compartment that can keep client-provided brochures readily available to patients.

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Skin Implant Model

60 pcs/1.68 cubic ft ctn. GW: 27 lbs. 47.3 cm (L) x 42 cm (W) x 24 cm (H) GW: 12.08 kg

By replicating the look and feel of arm skin following the implantation of an Implanon device, this model helps patients understand the physical implications of the procedure.

• Textured and realistic, the skin features a hinged see-thru cover piece that snaps closed over the implantation area for a clear view of the device.

• Acting as a latch, an acutal placebo implantation rod situated on the front of the piece allows patients to gain a better understanding of the device’s look and feel.

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Stomach Cancer Model

8 pcs/3.80 cubic ft ctn. GW: 21 lbs. 59 cm (L) x 40.3 cm (W) x 47.6 cm (H) GW: 9.34 kg

This model, consisting of two distinctive parts, depicts the adverse effects of cancer on the stomach and its surrounding organs.

• A diseased stomach, esophagus and neighboring anatomical features can be found on the model's top portion, afflicted by various disease states such as gastric ulcer, two common types of gastric tumor and esophageal tumor.

• The bottom portion features a magnified representation of stomach wall histology, including the muscular and mucosal layers, with examples of tumor progression – stages 0 through 3.

• As an educational tool, this piece can be used to show patients the progression of gastric and esophageal cancer by demonstrating how cancer can grow through the gastric wall and spread to other areas via the lymph system.

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Gastric Ulcer Model

12 pcs/0.97 cubic ft ctn. GW: 22 lbs. 52 cm (L) x 48 cm (W) x 11 cm (H) GW: 10 kg

This innovative stomach model uses removable parts to interactively demonstrate the progression of gastric ulcers.

• Patients and physicians can easily remove and replace a small portion of the model to illustrate the physiological changes that take place as an ulcer forms.

• The removable backer card features dynamic illustrations and written descriptions detailing how erosions and ulcers eat through the layers of the stomach wall.

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Stomach Model with Pancreas

10 pcs/0.65 cubic ft ctn. GW: 14 lbs. 36.2 cm (L) x 26.7 cm (W) x 19 cm (H) GW: 5.6 kg

This piece depicts an anatomically accurate cross- section of a healthy stomach with the pancreas in situ.

• The base holds a set of pullout cards that educate the patient on the topic of ulcers and intended course of treatment.

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Uterus Model

10 pcs/ 3 cubic ft ctn. GW: 20 lbs. 74 cm (L) x 22.225 cm (W) x 52.07 cm (H) GW: 8.83 kg

A helpful teaching tool for physicians, this model shows the normal anatomy of the female reproductive organs.

• The ovaries depict both the follicular and luteal phases.

• Three, two-sided pullout cards provide essential information on a variety of important women’s health issues, including Endometriosis /Menstrual Cycle, Fibroids/Birth Control Pills and Ovarian New Growths/Questions For Your Doctor.

• Product information is printed on the back of the model.

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