Custom Anatomical, Promotional, Veterinary, Biological Models for Teaching & Demonstration


We are a manufacturers and suppliers of Custom Anatomical, Promotional, Veterniary, Biological Models for Teaching & Demonstration and has been for  various other products. We are exporting and importing various models, our product line include PVC Anatomical Models, Medicine Diagnostic Models, Geographical Models, Biology Models, Human Anatomy Model, Anatomical Models etc. We can help you to make right choice for your requirements.


Anatomical Charts

Anatomical Models

Anatomy Education Cards


Anatomy Transparencies

Animal Models

Arm Muscle Models


Biological Model

Bone and Joint Models

Bone Models


Brain & Spinal Cord Models

Cell Models

Chair Osteoporesis



Digestion Models

Digestive System Models


Ear Models

Engineering Models

Excretion Models


Eye Models

Female Reproductive Models

Geographical Models


Geography Models

Head Neck Muscles Models

Head, Brain and Spinal Cord


Heart and Artery Models

Heart Models

Histology Embryology Model


Human Anatomical Model

Human Anatomy Models

Human Circulatory System


Human Skeleton and Skin Models

Leg Muscles Models

Legal Medicine Model


Livestock Specimens Model

Medical Promotional Model

Medicine Diagnostic Model



Neuropathy Models

Nose Models


Pharmaceutical and Anatomical Model Gifts

Plant Models

Prepared microscope slide


Promotional Gifts

PVC Advertising and Brand Promotional Merchandise

PVC Anatomical Models


PVC Cancer Models

PVC Custom Model

PVC Joint Models


PVC models and Thermo formed Wall Charts, transparencies and Cards

PVC Organ Models

PVC Osteo Models


PVC Promotional Models

PVC Science Models

PVC Skeleton , Bones and Joints Models


PVC Skin Models

PVC Spine Models

PVC Torso Models


PVC Veterinary Models

Reproduction Models

Respiration Models


Respiratory System Models

Skeleton Model

Skin Models


Surgery Model

Teeth and Jaws Models

Torso (No Muscles) Model


Urinary System Models